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 "By far this is the best book I have ever read. A must read for all. Especially for those who have a child, family member or friend that is trying to cope with mental illness alone due to lack of resources. The book covers the trials, tribulations and unfortunate tragedy of a loving family trying to navigate a much broken mental Heath system as they seek help for their son."



It opened my eyes to how much the Becker family went through.  How FAILED our mental health care system is.  Joan did give some resources which I feel are helpful.  I have passed the book on to another person I believe will benefit from reading the book.  I would highly recommend this book. 



The book reveals the inner workings of life, illness, and God!  I couldn't have more respect and appreciation for what they (and family and friends) went through and continue to today.  I also have a deep respect for Jan Thomas' reaction and support.  Joan...incredible book!  Thank you for sharing!  XOXO. God's peace and love to all of you! 

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